Startup idea of the day - The official source for Aibo in the USA


**Update: Lazer was born today (April 3rd, 2019) out of the robot womb. The Aibo project has begun! or follow on instagram at

Aibo is rare. Aibo is cool. Aibo was a tech gadget I dreamed of owning when I was a kid growing up in Silicon Valley. I remember seeing Aibo at the San Jose convention center when I was a kid. Now I’m an adult and a $3,000 plastic dog is still out of reach, but at least it’s in my wheelhouse for educational growth and a business idea. I now *might have a purpose beyond “it’s cool and I want one”.

Business concept - If I can get my hands on an Aibo, which I’m trying to negotiate a purchase as we speak. I’ve bought the domain and have the plan to be the number one source for US Aibo information. If you google for Aibo information, what it can do, what you can teach it, videos, updates, tricks, tips, how-to’s, etc. it simply doesn’t exist the way it did for the original Aibo. If I can build a content rich website about Aibo in English language I don’t believe the hurdle will be high to produce the number one website for everything Aibo in the USA. This could be one of those first to market advantages. That’s the strategy I’m seeing.

Problems: I don’t want to be forced to produce new content to attract an audience. That’s the risk with this Aibo strategy. Luckily, in Los Angeles everyone lives to produce content. My strategy here will be to own the Aibo for personal reasons and enjoyment, then partner with a content creator that’s willing to profit share based on the content they produce, such as video content income, instagram stories, or whatever a media creator feels will help them earn income I will leave it up to their creativity. I will be the engineering talent behind teaching Aibo, programming new tricks into Aibo, and managing the technical side of the project.

The profit: Building a community can produce plenty of income, but requires far too many man hours for me, so my strategy for a bit more passive income is to generate income through ads. If Aibo catches on in the US at some point, then affiliate sales of Aibo would be another profit source.

To be clear - this idea does not seem to be a good business based on my skillset and previous working knowledge. This is a passion project tied to why I am allowed to buy an Aibo, a $3,000++ robot.

**Update: Ebay auction for a new America Aibo is at $2,700 with 12 minutes to go. I have the domain and have tested building a forum to provide for the community aspect of this idea. I’m setting my Aibo acquisition budget at $3,500. I really wished I had more experience building out these types of ideas to set budget and ROI expectations. The one piece of this idea that allows for play room is the resale value of Aibo.

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 4.45.37 PM.png

There you have it. Aibo has been acquired! is on the move