Startup idea of the Day - in lots of languages


Lets make this idea stupid simple and timeless. I’m diving deeper into the ROI of ad revenue on obvious domains. This particular project is around a timeless classic. A song that will never grow old and never go away, its the happy birthday song. The goal is to post The Happy Birthday Song in many different languages. How to monetize the website will be the name of the game and the name of this project is learning! if you need help with the happy birthday song, head on over to my newest project -

This project will be part of my Internet MBA program I’ve started. The goal is to execute on 12 ideas in 24 months with an education budget of $30,000 to build out the ideas. I spent $900 buying the domain Call my outrageously crazy, but I have a vision for the website use case. Unfortunately I don’t have an ROI for what these types of sites can earn, which is why at the end of the day, I’m setting this up as an education lesson, but the goal is to set it, mildly forget it, and determine over how much time it will take to produce a profit. What tweaks can I make to a simple website to have it produce even just a pennies worth of profit? Can you build passive income to a retirement level on 12? 24? 36 of these types of ideas? If yes, then I’m going to make that happen!