Startup Idea of the Day - rick rolled for profit


Update: domain has been purchased. A big thanks to Troy who worked with me to settle on a price. Go check out the progress of this startup idea of the day!

Update #2: After a few hours of building, I’m somewhat done. I’m going to let the website bake in and see how it does. I need to add google ads to the rick rolled website, because the goal is passive income via ads on that website. Pennies per day, I need to rewatch office space.

I have no experience with generating income with Ads. I have no metric for how much money ads can generate on a website and I need to learn more about this revenue stream. I’ve been searching for highly focused ideas for testing Ad based revenue using timeless content. Rick rolling isn’t exactly timeless and the meme has reached beyond its peak of life, but I think there’s still traction and ad based earnings education to be tested. That’s where this idea is targeted.

I’m trying to purchase a highly specific domain related to rick rolling - In particular for this idea it is I have recently offered $1,483 to the owner of the domain. I had to sign up for a premium linkedin account to send a message to the owner of the domain and I hope to negotiate an offer in order to for me test this concept.

My plans: The plan for the website is to build the Official Rick Rolling website. With everything wrong with previous rick rolling attempts fixed. Whether it’s the video not autoplaying, the song starting at the wrong place, autogenerating links to hide the rick rolling attempt, how-to rick roll ideas, and other highly focused content that is build it once and then let the site survive on into infinity. My hope is that this evergreen based content will produce pennies per day or week and over X amount of time be able to determine future businesses ROI timeframes.

This is a return on investment test for me to value my other stupid simple and highly focused passive income ideas that can be built in a weekend and require less than 1hr per month to maintain. Some ideas might require a high up front investment cost in the thousands of dollars range, but if the ROI exists, even years away, that’s a worthwhile investment for me. I need to determine the risk level and potential returns these ideas can generate. Until I have some ideas in test, this information is hard to “google’ for. I’m going to consider these simple startup ideas as educational exercises. The money spent is not lost, I’m merely paying for my internet MBA!