Unf*ck Yourself by Gary John Bishop



This book is great. It is very straight to the point and gives actionable self talk every chapter. The main idea of this book is that our thoughts are bringing us down, and in order to get out of our heads and into our lives, we need to train our self talk.

I summed up the key points below for you to try out. I’d recommend reading them all through and using them as a sort of meditation for positive self talk.

Putting it into Practice

1. I am willing - if you aren't willing to take action, you will stay in whatever situation you are in forever. Either you control your destiny, or your destiny will control you.

2. I am wired to win - your brain is wired to win at whatever underlying goals you have. You must become aware of your underlying beliefs to make sure they aren't holding you back.

3. I got this - we need to take a positive stance on our issues and challenges to make them better and succeed. In the big picture, little issues are just bumps in the road. You'll get through it just like you always have.

4. I embrace uncertainty - uncertainty is where new happens. Taking risks is what helps you grow and reap the benefits of putting yourself out there. You have to stop caring about the judgement of others and let it go.

5. I am not my thoughts, I am what I do - you can rely on your thoughts to prepare to do things, you have to just do them. Doing is the best way to change your thoughts as well. When you focus your attention on the action at hand, you can get in the ZONE. Spend more time in the zone.

6. I am relentless - getting out of your comfort zone is a key to success. Continue to grind.

7. I expect nothing and accept everything - you need to learn to live outside the plan. The things you worry about most are the things that are outside your expectations. When you expect nothing, you're living freely and in the moment. Plan for victory, learn from defeat.

Review by Tyler Diderich

If these interest you, I’d recommend diving a little deeper and reading the whole book. You can buy this book here on Amazon: Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life