Startup Idea - multi-cloud cyber threat detection is a cloud cyber security company I’ve been building over the last year. My goal with is multi-cloud cyber attack anomaly detection and attack correlation. COGNETA uses flow logs, threat logs, threat intel, and on-prem firewall logs (depending on use case) as data sources. One of the most important tasks I must execute on is customer traction. With traction, anything is possible. Early user traction produces strong funding numbers that make it worth you and your team’s extreme effort it will take to make a successful exit. Otherwise we are all signing up for dilution.

There’s little possibility for me (as a first time technical founder) to obtain funding unless I have users. I don’t have a fancy name, family, or prior company I built to show a VC to obtain funding. How do I fix that? I need to learn how to gain early traction. How do you learn to obtain traction? You learn how to get your companies name out. I have built a cyber security cloud tool with, but it’s useless if I don’t have users. Without users, I can’t prove I have a great tool, all I have is my favorite idea that I’ve spent hundreds of hours building.

That’s how hacker finance started. This is a place to kill my favorite ideas You’ll notice a lot of this website is rough. I’m not seeking perfection, but delivery. This website is a place to throw out my ideas, test the readership feedback on a topic. If I see a peak, I can spinoff a website where interested people can signup to be an early beta customer. I’ll learn how to advertise along the way and drive traffic/eyeballs to those new startup ideas. If I gain early signups, I’ll know it’s worth pursuing the idea. Many successful serial entrepreneurs use this strategy. I’m missing a link in the puzzle, which is driving eyeballs to a new idea. The website I’ve done zero advertising for and obviously, zero eyeballs have been here. Over time I will learn how to get eyeballs here and will leverage the techniques I learn on every new startup idea I have. Then when one clicks and I have signed up users, we can move into business creation phase. Focusing on the one thing to make those users happy.

If you think is worth pursuing, make sure to leave your comments!