Startup Idea of the Day - Abandon your digital double life. One contact for life.


How many different email addresses have you had in your life? - You had your high school email, a Yahoo email, an AOL email, your geocities email, your hotmail, your college email, then Gmail came out and you signed up for a free account and 10GB of storage free!, then you realized all of your privacy has been lost due to Gmail advertising based on your email content. Beyond privacy you realized you’ve been living a Digital Double Life.

You’ve lost contact with people you use to talk to via Aol email address, then when you migrated across from Yahoo to gmail somehow you lost another group of people. The story continues on and on as your life goes and grows.

It’s time to take back your email and own it for life.

This Startup idea allows you to add domains to your life without having to organize and remember where and what each email is for. As you outgrow a domain and add a new email address to your life you don’t have to abandon your previous digital life, you merely grow on top of it.