Startup Idea of the Day - - A FREE DNS Privacy Service

The last couple weeks I’ve been working on coming up for a name of the idea. Today it hit me and sprang into action to build the idea out and launch it. Here it is:

It’s a privacy focused public FREE DNS server that encrypts all of your DNS traffic. Why is this important? Your local ISP is selling your dns queries. Every website you go to, you think you are secure because of everything taught to you about “HTTPS” and certificates. The problem is sure that protects authentication and access to your online accounts and payload of websites, but there’s a glaring privacy violation occurring before any data is transferred.

That privacy violation is the ability to view every website you’ve ever traveled to on the internet. Yep, ever website whether it’s http or https I’m almost positive the big Google probably has. Why do I point at Google? Because so much of the DNS servers around the world and wifi access points are using as their dns server. Why is that bad? Google is scooping up all that data about where you go on the web. Sure Google doesn’t have your passwords to all those sites, but it sure knows everywhere you go, what time of day you go there.

I work from coffee shops that are surprise - Google Wifi. Why would Google offer a free service? We know their business model is information about you. The more of it they gather from what coffee shops you go to at what time of day allows them to learn even more about your life print.

Beyond google, look at your local internet provider Comcast, Spectrum, et al’ They are also capturing every single DNS query you make and selling that data. You might be paying $70 a month for cable internet, but that’s not all the money your ISP is making from you. They have more data about you than anyone. They have every website you’ve ever visited while at your house saved. What for? Well, for someone else to buy!

Stop reading NOW and go update your wifi access points DNS server to use