Idea of the Day - - Listens for your name in a meeting- Notify-Playback the previous 15 seconds.


I’ve been on hundreds of meetings where my name or responsibility in the meeting was absolutely NIL! Plenty of remote workers have experienced this. listens for your name on a call. When your name is heard it triggers an alert for you to pay attention. At this time you quickly playback a recording of previous 15 seconds to gain context before your name was called. Now you know why they are calling your name and what the question was. You might be 15 seconds late to answer the question, but that 15 seconds is where you use the "oops, I was on mute” excuse.

Today the excuse is, “Sorry, I didn’t catch the question” in which case everyone on the call knows you weren’t paying attention, because we all do it.

A similar functionality is used in piloting aircraft. I have my pilot license and a Garmin G1000 cockpit has a feature where if you miss a radio call procedure aircraft traffic controller told you, you can play back the previous few seconds of radio calls before repeating it back to ATC. It’s a handy feature for busy airspace and long IFR procedures.

As always - These ideas require your feedback so I understand what is worth pursuing. You are my market validation!