Tool of the day - Domain name Hunter


I’m working on a particular startup idea and needed a name for it. Turns out every domain seemed to be taken, so I’m trying something new. I wrote a quick and dirty script that looks for available domains that meet my criteria. Tomorrow I’ll sift through whatever domains are available and see if a business name can be made from them.

I’ve heard having to letter “O’s” in it is good luck, so that’s hardcoded. Yahoo, Google, Loopio, and more with the two O’s for example. So I too am going to have my next idea have two letter O’s in it for good luck! Maybe I’ll just buy all the two letter O domains left in existence.

If you do a domain scrubbing as I have, You’ll notice, there are no four letter domains remaining. Squatters have taken them all. So I’m off to the races for five letter domains with two letter O’s. Lets get to it! it’s quick and dirty bash.

for (( i=0; i<${#charOne}; i++ )); do
   for (( j=0; j<${#charTwo}; j++ )); do
       for (( k=0; k<${#charThree}; k++ )); do
           echo "${charOne:$i:1}"oo"${charTwo:$j:1}${charThree:$k:1}.com"
           whois "${charOne:$i:1}"oo"${charTwo:$j:1}${charThree:$k:1}.com" |grep
 "No match"
           sleep 1