Startup idea - Privacy Cloud. A platform for protecting privacy on the web


Privacy Cloud consists of solutions focused on protecting your identity on the internet.

Privacy DNS - This protects your DNS queries from becoming part of the marketing engine that is now what the internet has become. Along with Google analytics and your own service provider capturing your dns queries and selling those to the highest bidder. The Privacy DNS solution is merely a configuration change on your computer to point yoru DNS resolution to the Privacy cloud DNS servers. Our DNS servers become the DNS resolver and as such protects your privacy by protecting your internet provider from knowing everywhere you do on the internet. This is not a VPN tunnel, only DNS focused, so there is no loss of internet quality.

Privacy PC - This product is a cloud based virtual desktop that you login to and behaves exactly like your local desktop experience. We have already seen that Microsoft has plans to market based off of your own desktop. By moving the desktop to a virtual pc in the cloud, the operating system is unable to collect reliable metrics on who owns the machine. Files that are dropped to the machine are destroyed upon logout. Your desktop files are linked to your own cloud storage, such as box/dropbox, but other files such as temporary internet files, cookies, etc.. are all destroyed upon logout. Traffic is also routed in unique ways out of the Privacy PC to prevent network based identification. Other forms of de-identifying factors down to screen resolution variability is built into the machine to protect user identification and tracking.

Privacy Payments - Stop being monetized by letting Visa, Mastercard track your purchases and sell your data. Use our service to make private purchases.