Startup idea - The Drinking Buddy. An Ai powered drinking buddy that helps you keep your buzz


Use Case: You are going out with friends, but you do a poor job of finding the perfect state of “buzzed”. You find the state, but blow past it in an attempt to stay at or above the buzzed feeling. By the end of the night, you are sloshed.


Ai powered drinking buddy pings you when it’s time to drink. This little friend of yours is perfect for maintaining your excitement through the night. To fight off the friends that won’t let you skip your next shot or round of drinks, you can point to “Think Drinking Buddy” and show you are already “drunk”, the only thing that next round is going to do is make you throw up and have a brutal hangover.

Technicals of how it works:

The Drinking Buddy requires you to train it. You can go out one night and describe how you feel after each drink and the time of day you had the drink. You can also input the data based on your memory of the last time you went out and how you felt after each drink and the time period between them. Based on this set of training data, the next time you go out you have the ability to use The Drinking Buddy.

Here’s the experience:

Open The Drinking Buddy App.

1) What time you want to be home?

2) What is your maximum “drunk” level you want to experience tonight?

3) After each drink let The Drinking Buddy know.

The drinking buddy will calculate based on your training data when to have your next drink. If you find yourself getting ahead of the drinking buddy, add a water to your rotation. If you find yourself still outpacing the drinking buddy brace for the pain of a brutal night, but don’t say that The Drinking Buddy didn’t warn you!