Startup Idea - Vigilante. A public facial recognition database for home security cameras


My idea from earlier today was Glitter vs. Thief being productized, which grew into a data mining application whereby you track features of the thief to correlate which stolen packages were attributed to that thief. The Vigilante product has no grown to forget about the hardware application. Hardware is difficult to build, the margins are small, and iterations are many. So let’s focus on the software. I’m better at building software products anyways.

Vigilante grows from the limited use case of stolen packages. Vigilante is a streaming video facial recognition application. The public can upload or stream their security camera footage to our cloud. Our cloud will use facial recognition to find relationships among the thousands of video streams to identify who was in the picture. We then match up that person with all other video feeds they were a part of. There are ways to limit false positives that would be implemented. The same with security protections, whereby people could only retrieve related footage if they agreed to their video being “public” shareable or “law enforcement shareable”.

The goal is to close the gap between what local law enforcement are capable of and what public software companies can achieve in record time. Without the government sectors political barriers, lack of funding, lack of engineers, lack of motivation, and slow to develop issues the public could satisfy this need.

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