Startup Idea - Productize the Glitter Package Thief

More than 10 million views of the Glitter vs. Package Thief on youtube. The product validation has been completed by the shear number of views. The marketing for the product has been completed, I mean you can simply refer to the youtube video to demonstrate the products usefulness. Now people need to know where to purchase it!


The idea is growing after some discussion with friends. While glitter is fun, BIG DATA is more fun! Instead of glitter, target solving crime and cracking large scale package thievery. The business model would be to place low value items inside the box, with the tracking device. We don’t want to tip off thieves that it was a thief tracking and data mining box they picked up. Stream tracking data to find relationships in where the packages are opened, driven to, and dispensed. Use this data to correlate back to a single thief. Since the packages would have thieves faces, use facial recognition as a correlation feature.

ideasDaniel ScarberryComment