I'm an AirBnb Superhost - But probably not your "average" superhost

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I recently achieved Superhost status with Airbnb. It took a couple years. Why so long? Because I use Airbnb as a way to find quality tenants for long term rentals. I don’t use Airbnb for daily or weekly short term rentals. I use Airbnb to locate quality long term rental tenants. I’ve only had five total stays, but they’ve covered 322 days, so this isn’t exactly high turnover, but it’s not year long leases either. It’s a nice middle ground.

I’ve found that Airbnb guests have a sense of morality that take better care of my property and the community I live in. They make better neighbors! Not only do I have my set of house rules, but Airbnb is a secondary enforcer of these house rules. I don’t have to worry about a non-paying tenant, because Airbnb can help enforce the non-payout leaving me with a low risk situation of going multiple months without a tenant. I also send a house cleaner to my property bi-weekly. This helps keeps my home tidy and well taken care of. I’ve used the same cleaner for years and have a relationship with my cleaners now.

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It’s not all sunshine and roses. Airbnb’s cancellation policy could leave me high and dry last minute without a tenant. I also pay a reasonable premium for the Airbnb service monthly. The benefit is I’m able to pass these costs on to my tenant. The benefits to my tenant are also plenty? No more one year leases! A clean and safe home, without the need to bring anything, but your suit case. Instant community feel. Many more benefits exist, but that’s not my goal with this post.

Finding homes without signing a one year lease is impossible in the Bay Area. I enjoy providing young go-getters fresh out of college in the San Francisco area a killer location in San Francisco for them to focus on achieving success at the many local startups. It’s exciting to learn where my next tenant has landed an internship or what company they are starting. I’ve had great tenants that are extremely motivated in life and that’s the fun part of being a landlord. I don’t get happiness from the money I earn on Airbnb. I get happiness seeing every successful, hard working techie have a successful stay at my home. I’m fortunate to offer my home so these creators have a comfortable place to sleep at night and without having to worry about their housing situation. If you think about Maslow's hierarchy of needs, to build a successful startup, you need all of your employees to be full. A great housing accommodation has the ability to accomplish so much bringing your employees a jump start to self-actualization.

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