Startup idea of the day - Perfect proof of concept Execution and Process

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I have been working on this one quietly for awhile. I’m lucky that my day job is doing something I genuinely love to do. I’m a cyber security sales engineer. I’m relatively good at what I do as a kicker! One thing that makes me good as a sales engineer is I’m addicted to looking for ways to improve and automate myself out of a job. It’s embedded in me from my early days of security automation and dev ops. I’ve been able to apply automation and scaling thinking to my daily routine and tasks as a sales engineer and that’s where POCLAB platform comes in.

At a previous cyber security startup I was an early employee at. By early, I mean barely any product existed. I learned to rely on process and planning to win customers when little of the product existed. How do you win a proof of concept or bake-off against a fully matured company? You rely on building a solid framework for running a proof of concept meeting. You beat the competition with customer engagement, professionalism, and overall execution not wasting the customers time. You are always prepared for meetings. You never forget about a customer.

There are many bits I’ve learned throughout my career for winning PoCs. I’ve followed and continue to build on these items and have turned them into a system and now with POCLAB a collaborative platform for the vendor and end-customer to manage the poc process.

So today - I launch the early signup for POCLAB!