Startup Idea - COMPETITOR - A business competitor watchlist


Recently an article was posted about Strava “stealing” a mobile cycling route builder from Footpath on hackernews and

“I discovered multiple accounts and dozens of routing requests originating from Strava’s corporate IP address starting in November — literally hours after the Product Hunt tweet about Footpath,” Wolfe said. “Digging even further, a good percentage of the requests occurred over a six-hour period on December 12th and 13th. Strava’s December ‘hackathon’ where they purportedly conceived the idea? Also right around this time.”,

This controversy between the creator of Foothpath and Strava is where COMPETITOR comes to play. Foothpath says “multiple accounts and dozens of requests” from Strava HQ IP space occurred. it’s too bad, Footpath didn’t realize this happened until months later AFTER their top competitor replicated their key feature, using Foothpath’s own product as the roadmap.

COMPETITOR tracks your competition’s access to your web space and alerts you when anomalies occur. COMPETITOR works based on market categories and defined competitors. The goal is to protect your intellectual property and competitive advantage.

As an aside - I want to hire the Strava engineer that worked from 10:45am to 8:40pm on the feature as shown in the Foothpath’s web API access logs.