Think and Grow Rich Series Part 1: Thoughts are Things


This week we must magnetize our minds to accumulate riches in great abundance, the intense desire for riches until this desire forces us to create a plan to acquire it.

The way you think determines your happiness gets a lot of attention lately. Look at the book shelves for how your thoughts are the root of happiness. From books like “Thoughts Think Themselves”, “As a Man Thinketh”, “Thoughts are things”. Heck I just posted a Book fo the Day for “Thoughts are Things” by Bob Proctor. It’s like Bob Proctor took the opening chapter of “Think and Grow Rich” and turned it into an entire book. I reflect back to what came out as my favorite reading in 2018 - Marcus Aurelius for how my thoughts effect my life.

Thoughts Are Things is how we are going to start the Think and Grow Rich series of study.

Your task:

Spend the entire week, Monday through Sunday spending as much time as possible with the desire for riches. How you were raised, a disadvantaged upbringing, a lack of education, your skin color, there’s no excuse. The ability to accumulate riches does not discrimination.

Thoughts are things! Riches begin with a state of mind, a definiteness of purpose. Spend this week in your positive thought zone. Tony Robbins has a focus on this and I can’t recommend studying his work on positive thinking. Marcus Aurelius and Stoic thinking is another great way to dive deeper into controlling your thoughts.

Part 1 of Think and Grow Rich series is treating your thoughts as the most valuable tool in your toolbox of living a life of fullness in health and wealth.

Stories of importance: “Three feet from gold”.

Quotes of importance: “I will never stop because men say no.”

A good friend of mine Mike, has the greatest persistence I’ve ever experienced and had the opportunity to learn from. He single handed created business success by never accepting no, go away, or not today as the end of the road. Mike never stops when he is three feet from gold.

Stories you will find in many other “Success” books:

The Ford V-8 motor. The first time I read about this story was in Think and Grow Rich, but I continue to read this story in fragments in plenty of other success books by dozens of authors. I always forget where the story was first published, so I’m documenting it here as my first time seeing it.


Henley - “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”.

Fun facts: Napoleon Hill delivered his 13 Principals at the commencement address in 1922 at Salem College.