Startup Idea - Guitar jam space rental


I’m sure this has already been done. It seems too obvious for music stores to offer this service, but here goes the idea.

A set of high end amps and guitars are available for rental by the hour to be played in store. You bring your guitar and leave your tiny amp at home. Don’t buy a high end amp, just use them at a jam rental space.

To limit the quantity of gear needed across the rental rooms a reservation system is used to book the different equipment available. If you’ve been lusting after a 60’s Vintage Strat, then reserve it and play it during your reservation hour. Want to play that 60’s vintage strat through a massive Marshall stack? Reserve the Marshal stack for your rental hour.

These rental spaces would be built in busy airport cities where business travelers would be the target market. I travel often for work and I also live in an apartment where I can’t play with a guitar amp on. This makes it absolutely pointless to spend $3,000 on a beautiful guitar amp. It also takes away my opportunity to experience playing through a beautiful guitar amp. These rental studios bring expensive gear to the masses that don’t have garages and big luxury houses. They are perfect for San Francisco and Los Angeles, where creative types exist.