Book of the day - The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John C. Bogle


In celebration of the late John Bogle (Jan 16, 2019) it was due time I read this gem. Will this book change the way you invest? Not if you’ve been a part of FI and have been reading finance books previously. I’ve already committed to Benjamin Graham’s set it and forget it investing strategy. I don’t buy and sell stocks. I invest only in index funds. I don’t have plans to sell these index funds…ever. I don’t watch what the stock market is doing today, tomorrow, or next week to base whether or not I’ll buy or sell more of my index funds.

I do enjoy the stock market and I speculate with my friends to act like one of us is smarter than the other via stock picking, but that’s with a constrained “gambling” budget of $2,000. You can read about my latest gambles in the finance section.

John Bogle left a few future thoughts I found most valuable in this updated version of the book

1) Robo investing has potential for value. (Usually via tax loss harvesting strategies in and out of ETFs)

2) Indexing - Buy the entire market and go live your life. Come back decades later and live off the dividends

3) Slow growth is ahead.

But it now.