Book of the day - Daily Rituals by Mason Currey


I don’t want to be harsh about this book. It feels like a lot of work went into writing it, but at the end of the day - What was the point? It’s an endless number of short descriptions about famous people’s/artists daily rituals. This book came as a recommendation from the Tim Ferris book club. If you are familiar with Tim Ferris that should tell you a lot about this book. Tim’s a fan of famous people bios and this book is right in line with his genre. Tim loved the book and even says it changed his life. I could care less for the book and give 2 cents about what famous people do when the wake up in the morning, before they go to bed, and other ridiculous random tidbits of probably half fact about what constitutes a lifetime routine vs. a particular time in a persons life that they are portraying as something they did their entire life.

We could talk about Guns N’ Roses daily rituals in the 80’s, is that useful to the reader? Is the daily ritual of Mozart useful to you? Not really. Is it interesting? Maybe. When looking at the dialy rituals of hundreds of people as this book does, what I came out with was, who cares what someone else does for a daily ritual?

Daily rituals are done by the successful and the useless in society. The poor drink coffee in the morning, just as the rich do. The rich and the poor take performance enhancing drugs. In the 1700’s performance enhancing drugs were taken by artists and others alike. The idea that only “artists” have special daily rituals is a book that was written to make money.

On the other hand, this book was mildly interesting. Some of the people I’ve been interested in, such as Mozart are talked about. Some of the more interesting artists, poets, and authors, such as Maya Angelou’s daily ritual is described. If you find reading about others random daily habit interesting, give this book a read.

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