2019 Goals: Run 2,000 miles. Bike 1,000. Read 60 Books


Run 2,000 miles

Bike 1,000 miles

Read 60 Books

It’s as simple as that. These three goals are the pillars to my life. If my running schedule is on track, the rest of my life runs smoothly. My attitude, health, work, happiness, finances, and success all come from me having a solid routine of reading, riding, and running. Sure I could set complex goals outside of these, but I’ve learned these are my foundations to a happy life.

With the three goals specified, now I can work on what it will take to achieve these goals. Will I front load my cycling miles to the winter? Will I plan a multi-day cycling vacation? Will I register for a couple hundred mile running races in 2019? The races I had signed up for were canceled due to wild fires, which set me back in motivation. Now it’s time to work through this nature interruption and figure out how many miles per week I want to run, time of day I’ll get the miles in, and how to get my running in while traveling tired.