Startup Idea - Salesforce for Real Estate agents

I have been shopping for real estate in multiple cities and states for more than two years. I’ve also purchased multiple properties during my life. You would think that there would be a central database, similar to how Salesforce is used in software sales where real estate agents could enter my name and learn everything about me, where I’m at in my current buying process, offers I’ve submitted, and much more.

Agents could see that I’ve concurrently been traveling and shopping for homes in Bozeman, Montana, Boulder, Colorado, and Santa Monica, California over the last two years. They could compare the budgets I’ve set for each of these locations, my goal for each property, and most importantly the agents could phone each other to compare notes about me. The other value this type of buyer database could provide is locating investors. If a selling agent is representing a property they feel is of great value that matches a buyers criteria, they could search the buyer database for everyone in the market, regardless of where they live and send them a note about the property. I would be more than happy to be on a mailing list where people shared properties producing 10% cap rates in the cities I’m interested in. You shouldn’t have to “Be in the know” or have friends in high places to find good values. This database would remove the barriers for finding deals.

The fact that agents are not doing this is an example of the inefficiencies in the housing market, specifically how REALTOR® and NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® are keeping its own organization in the dark ages by creating a “private” community. Instead of letting the free market, transparent buying and selling, and innovation take hold, home buying and selling agents remain in the dark ages ripe for reaching a tipping point and becoming irrelevant during the next housing boom.

If you think this idea is worth pursuing, make sure to leave your comments!