Startup Idea - Digital DMV + blockchain vehicle registration


I bought a used vehicle a couple years ago from a seller in Florida. I had to take the title to my local DMV and register the vehicle in my name, just as anyone that buys a used car from outside a dealer must do. The issue was the seller made a mistake on where he was suppose to sign the paper title as the “seller”, that meant I had to send the entire document back to the seller to have them fix the issue.

The idea I have to go to a DMV to hand them a piece of paper is ridiculous. Every vehicle that rolls out of the auto factory has a VIN number and should also have a digital blockchain registration that tracks all owners of a vehicle. Using PKI, a digital certificate that’s signed by the auto manufacture would live on the computers ECU. All of the technology to make this, exists today.

The benefits are abound. DMV offices everywhere are swamped. Registration paper work is one of the most complicated and time consuming activities at the DMV and is low hanging fruit to be automated. In fact, every item at a DMV office does has the potential of being put on blockchain.

How does the DMV keep its human employees? This becomes a long term rollout. A centralized “cloud” DMV exists for all new vehicles moving forward. Any use vehicle purchases from today moving forward use the blockchain registration service. This provides physical DMV locations a 10 year plan to migrate towards automation while retiring its human workforce slowly to not ruffle government employees.

How does the blockchain DMV make money? For every digital DMV registration or process completed that does not require human DMV visits, the DMV pays DigitalDMV a processing fee. This fee could be passed on to customers, but since theres no employee involved in teh transaction, the savings of a human worker should be easily offset to cover the fee.

How does it scale? Incredibly! The DMV process from Georgia to California is relatively the same. There are small parts that are different, but overall this is a write it once investment. Digital DMV would be able to use the same software for every states DMV. The same cloud infrastructure and hosting database as well.

If you like this idea, be sure to comment and I’ll take it to the next step!