Startup Idea - Angelvar a VAR focused on angel round cyber security startups


Angelvar is a Value Added Reseller that provides a complete sales process and team around young cyber security startups. We provide the sales engineering and sales team to help angel funded startups find, position, deploy, and close their early deployments. I’ve worked for cyber security Angel Round startups before and was critical to gaining our first customers that took us to $14 Million in series A funding, to $40 million in series B funding, and beyond. I have a few key friends in cyber security that are some of the best sales executives and sales engineers for early unknown cyber security startups that would make up the core talent for AngelVar. Our location in the Silicon Valley, our network of early adopter CISO’s, and industry knowledge are our competitive advantage.

The business model is based on equity. Angelvar is paid via startups by taking equity shares from the startup for each proof-of-concept deployment. If any meetings or PoCs lead to closed sales a portion of those cash sales go directly to Angelvar. Angelvar is subsequently paid with equity + cash using these above methods.

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