Startup Idea - Police patrol car Heads Up Display and streaming threat analysis platform


Imagine - An image recognition algorithm that pulled the license plate number of every vehicle on the road while the police cruiser patrolled the streets. Every license would be run through a criminal database/stolen car database/missing child databases/ whatever police use to determine if a vehicle is out of registration in real time. This same database would protect police patrol drivers as the database would perform a correlation about the drivers history, placing a “risk score” calculated on the number of prior violations, arrests, and criminal history of the driver. Before a policeman ever stepped out of his vehicle the entire chain of custody and investigation would have been performed by the cloud based algorithms.

This same image recognition would identify the rate of speed cars were traveling. No longer would patrol cars sit on the side of the highway performing speed traps. A camera performing continuous speed calculations of every vehicle in the line of sight would be calculated and a freeze frame of the vehicle along with the speed at which it was traveling would create an alert to the trooper. The trooper could then decide if his current mission was to write speeding violations. In which case he would be able to provide a short video and picture to the speeding driver and give the driver an e-ticket, which had all of this information attached to it after pulling the driver over.

Now translate this object recognition functionality, minus the Heads Up Display to all “self driving" vehicles that are equipped with video cameras. The algorithm that does the object recognition would be done in the cloud, the drivers of the world would elect to submit their video stream to the cloud provider. The cloud provider business model would give free video storage to the drivers in exchange for driver video data being put through the object recognition algorithms for missing people, vehicles, etc. The company would get payments from insurance companies and the federal government for each “wanted” vehicle/person that was identified from these cameras.

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