AWS Security Specialty Exam Scheduled

I registered to take my AWS Security exam on December 6th. I’ve built a number of security projects and company tries in AWS and figured I might as well knock out the AWS security exam. Well, was I surprised when I took a practice exam today. I got my butt handed to me. The amount of KMS and CMK type of questions knocked me right back to earth. I’ve used msot of the AWS services and the security tools around them, but my use of KMS has been limited. These next 7 days are going to be a doozy of brain dumping KMS information. Once I’m pounded with repeated KMS questions, due to not being able to logic your way through them, it’s a bust and I shut down, my brain is fried. Try again later tonight/tomorrow.


November 26th - Practice Exam #1

Overall Score: 55%

Topic Level Scoring:
1.0  Incident Response: 100%
2.0  Logging and Monitoring: 50%
3.0  Infrastructure Security: 83%
4.0  Identity and Access Management: 25%
5.0  Data Protection: 0%