Book of the day - The Minimalist Budget: Mindset of the Successful by Aaron Kiely


I got this book from the same forum post as “The Year of Less”, which I reviewed in a previous post (negative) this book was just as bad. I can’t imagine what that forum person did with their spare time and day to day work to be reading books like this.

This was another regurgitation of extremely basic personal finance, nothing original, everyone should write a book and sell it on amazon type of thing. This book talked about what a debit card was. It said what a credit card was. It talked about what is a checking account, a savings account, gosh this book was so elementary I couldn’t believe it.

My takeaway: Two terrible books back to back. I’ve now learned to not waste my time on a shit book. If I get 30% into a book and it' is not providing any hint of value I’m not going to waste another second of my time or patience giving it a chance to come around. I have also learned to tell when an author is just flipping a quick nickel book, which I had these two back to back useless books to thank for helping me notice “internet authors” selling a book.

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