Book of the day - The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition by Bob Burg and John David Mann


The Go Giver might be the book with the most profound actionable effect I’ve taken this quarter. Upon completion I wrote an email to a friend and VC, named Joe. I didn’t ask for funding or an intro to another VC, but I asked if I could help with any of the cyber security companies he has invested in. I’m not looking for a fee, payment, or equity. I sincerely want to help others succeed. My hope, motivated by the Go-Giver is that by me sharing my understanding of the market, education in cyber security, and grit I could help others succeed.

Helping others grow and win provides me with a feeling of success. What I lack in life is not something money can fulfill. The Go-Giver is a book that helps you refocus on how helping others will provide you with your own fulfillment.

I work as part of a sales team, but I never go to a sales meeting pursuing a sale. I want to help every CISO I meet build the worlds highest performing cyber security team. If my companies software can help him or her achieve that goal, my voice is going to be excited, my passion will be on the table, and my encouragement to have that CISO make a decision is going to come out, but it’s not for my financial gain.

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