It's benefits open enrollment - Take a walk on the wild side with a High Deductible Health Plan + HSA

Am I crazy? I recently started a new job, which gave me the chance to choose a new health benefits election. I started my job in November and elected to send the 2018 HSA max of $3,450 out of my first paycheck to max out the Health Savings Account (HSA). Now it’s time to make my 2019 election and I’m going to keep the HDHP HSA election. I rarely go to the doctor and feel like this is a calculated risk. I’m young-ish, healthy, and active. It seemed like a reasonable option to try and get my HSA account built up to start compounding for late retirement health needs.

I’m not going to re-write the web, so take a look at this well written article on how to hack your HSA.