Why is everything in a bubble?

Porsches, houses, classic cars, pretty much anything with a remote relationship to “collectibility/investment” that can be purchased with a loan.

Thinking this through, why?


  1. Well, theoretically anyone can afford these items. Nearly anyone can qualify for a car loan.

  2. If the car is a classic car, people can pull out HELOC on their home since interest rates are low and home values are high providing them equity to pull out at a low interest rate. Banks would love to provide you with a home equity line of credit right now

  3. A personal line of credit can be had ultra low interest rate to buy that vintage Porsche, Land Rover Defender, or vintage Fender Stratocaster.

At the end of the day, when interest rates are ultra low, people are encouraged by a Federal interest rate policy that punishes savers. The bite of consumerism with the opportunity to turn all of these items into an “investment” can make even a disciplined saver want to overspend for that classic car of his dreams. Myself included.