Savings Hack - Pay yourself and turn saving into a game

Hack #1:

When I make a purchase of a "Fun" item, I shop around for the lowest price. What I do differently than most is I take the market retail price for the item versus the price I end up buying the item at and transfer the difference to my savings account. I do it right on the spot. Example. I'm an athlete and bought a massage ball. It cost me $115 on ebay used. The retail price at REI was $149 + 10% sales tax = $164. I pulled out my Ally bank app and made a $50 deposit to my savings account. I do this for every purchase in my life as it's a dopamine trigger. Another example: My work provides lunch on Wednesdays. That's a $17 lunch, I pull out my phone and pay myself, transferring $17 to my savings account. I travel for work and have a corporate card. You bet I pay myself every time I eat on the business. Usually I pay myself $7 per meal.

Hack #2:

2) If you are about to purchase something, but ultimately decide not to purchase it - Pay yourself. This is one of my strongest motivators for not buying "Fun" items. Example: A new jacket. I have an old jacket, but it has holes. I go to the store and decide on the replacement jacket. I stare at the new jacket option and ask, do I want to earn $179 right now? Hell yea! I walk out, go to CVS and spend $10 on a needle and thread and sew my old jacket. I immediately transfer $169 to my savings account.

Need new tires for your car? Shop around and pay yourself the difference.

I play this game constantly. The rate at which I've grown my savings accounts by doing this is pretty amazing. Every 6-12 months I'll go in and laugh at the growth. Sometimes I burn out on the game and take a few months off. Inevitably I come back to it.

Everyone has his/her own savings/spending/fugal/budgeting hacks and this one fits my personality. If it suits you, I'm happy to share it with you.

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